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Since the business foundation in 1990, SEDEX has become a reliable manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality EDM consumable parts. SEDEX, as a leading international company, is supplying EDM consumable parts and it's accessories for all kind of maker models with a market focus on the metal-working for aero space and mould industry.

The foundations of our success are SEDEX' guiding principles that our long-term growth and prosperity are directly linked to our full ability to contribute to the efficiency and productivity of our customers.

SEDEX puts the client's interest first, focusing on consistently procuring the products that are best suited to each customer's individual needs and that will provide the greatest value and the lowest risk.

SEDEX will be supporting customers through integrity, growth and satisfaction based on highest quality products and reasonable prices through honest line of communication with our customers and suppliers.

Key Personel
  Eric Cho   Managing Director
  Paul Chang   Director
  Andy Kong   General Manager
  Jason Jung   Account Manager
  Sharon Lee   Assistant
  Main Office
Ilho Goldentower 204, Janghangdong 863-2,
Ilsangu, Goyangsi, Kyunggido, South-Korea
Tel :+82-31-916 4623
Fax :+82-31-916 4625
E-mail : sales@sedexcorp.com

Factory. Institute

Gusandong 392-1, Ilsangu, Goyangsi,
Kyunggido, South-Korea
Tel : +82-31-921 5361
Fax : +82-31-921 5365
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Headquarter 204 Ilho Golden Tower 863-2 Janghangdong Ilsangu Goyangsi Kyunggido South KOREA Phone : +82-31-916-4623
Factory Gusandong 392-1, Ilsangu, Goyangsi, Kyunggido, South-Korea KOREA Phonel : +82-31-921 5361 Fax : +82-31-921 5365